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Basic Phishing Guide With Kali Linux

Hello, this is my tutorial for basic phishing with kali linux. We are going to use setoolkit in this guide.

Please do not use this for bad purposes!

type setoolkit

and press enter

choose 1

and then choose 2

then choose 3

and finally choose 2

now there is your ip address like 192.168.1.xx or 10.10.xx.xx copy this number and paste it and press enter

then type the site which you want to clone and press enter

then open new terminal and run “nano url_short.py” command on your other terminal:

then paste this into it

import pyshorteners

def shorten(url):
    link = pyshorteners.Shortener()
    return link.tinyurl.short(url)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    url = input("Enter link to shorten: ")

then press Control-X and press y and there is a question like File Name to Write: url_short.py now press enter

then type python3 url_short.py

then type your ip address and press enter, it will give you a link like https://tinyurl.com/xxxxxxx

now send this link to your victim then wait for credentials.

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  1. trespasser

    Thanks bro, it is so useful for people who want to learn ethical hacking.

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